I’d stay away from Carbon Copy Cloner 3

Just gave this update to the ole’ stalwart a shot.

  1. It told me that my 140gb disk image was not big enough for a clone of a 140gb partition – but I told it I wanted to just update
  2. The barber pole never changed to a progress bar
  3. I had no idea if it was copying or updating
  4. It let me choose my disk image but then said the target was not available, so I mounted the disk image myself
  5. After 20 mins I decided to stop it. After another 5 minutes of “Application is not responding” I force quit it.

Wait for someone else to debug this application.


  1. Hmm, I just used it the other day to clone my macbook pro drive using the update option and it seemed to work fine. Granted, I left the room and came back quite a bit later. The target partition is 90gb and the suorce is 87gb so I may not have the same situation.

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