Used 79% of my Apple iPhone credit!

I’ve been wanting a second Macbook Pro power adaptor for awhile, and the stores just don’t seem to have the new, smaller ones in stock, so I ordered it online. $79. Cool. I have $21 left over.

Comes in 4-6 weeks. Sigh. 🙂

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  1. So you know about this already, but for the rest of the viewers…

    Seems Apple’s system duplicated coupon numbers. Thus, your $100 coupon may now show up as $0 credit, according to Apple. Let me explain.

    My wife used her $100 coupon and purchased an iSee case for her iPhone, she had $67 and some change left. We went to the Apple store again today (The same store, the one in the Grove) and she wanted to get a couple of items. The total cost was going to be about $59 after tax.

    The cashier said the couple was coming up invalid, ID, $0 credit. I said “Well that is incorrect, she only bought one item.”

    The guy left, and came back about 10 minutes later with a girl, holding two pieces of paper. She stated their system showed no credit left.

    I said “Well your system is wrong” and explained the single purchase. My wife handed me her receipt (showing purchase date, and balance left) and I showed her it. She said “But your purchased some pink headphones.” I said “No, we didn’t.” She again stated “Well sir our system is showing you have no credit.” I again replied “Your system is wrong.”

    This went on for about another minute. I then became somewhat angry for being called a liar, and showed her on the receipt the purchase, and the purchase date. That matched her one piece of paper. But she had this “other” piece of paper saying that was our purchases also. I disputed that. She then, looking at the 2nd piece of paper printed from their system said “So her name isn’t Laurie…….?” I said “Noooooooooooooo” and offered to have her pull our her ID. I then also stated “Look at the names on both papers mamn.” ROFL… One had my wifes name, the other someone else’s name. But the issue here being, their system showed both names using one credit. DOH! Eventually she fixed the issue, never admitting anything. But the original guy came up and said “Yeah we had some issues on the 14th of September that caused some problems.” Obviously, and that was the date my wife had used her credit.

    SO…. keep your receipts when using your iPhone credit. Take them to the stores…. And if they show you buying something you didn’t, keep on them until they give.

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