Disneyland has a new 50th Anniversary fireworks show which is really great. Here is a video of the entire show!

Don’t watch if you don’t like spoilers!

Matt shot the video and did a great job!

Oh and there is no footage of all of the fireworks, etc behind us. I still get chills, this show is that good – You’ll enjoy it much more live…

You will need QuickTime 7 in order to watch this movie

Disneyland has a new 50th Anniversary drink, the Tinkerbell Twist – A combination of Sour Apple and Sour Watermelon. The drink was $3.75.

The video says it all.

The video is 18mb.

You will need QuickTime 6 in order to watch this movie (Available for Mac and Windows!)

Ok some people will think I am insane after seeing this, but I am really having fun expressing myself in goofy ways while at the same time learning some video editing tricks!

So, I made this DVD for my brother’s birthday as a way to show him I love him and am willing to make a total ass outta myself just to make him laugh, haha. So with that, here is the internet famous Matt’s Birthday Extravaganza!

On the weekend of October 19, 2002, the Portland Macintosh Users Group (PMUG) held their 35th annual MacCamp at Silver Falls State Park.

I was lucky enough to be able to take part in a new experiment, co-teaching an all weekend class on iMovie with Terry Shellenberger. This was the first time an entire cabin had been dedicated to one subject.

Terry taught how to shoot and edit movies, not how to use iMovie. He gave the students sequences to shoot, which unknowingly at the time, were designed to be interchangeable through the editing process. As each student’s mind started to whirl about what kind of movie they wanted to make out of the video they shot, along with the stock video Terry included on CD-ROMs, they began to ask “How do I duplicate a clip in iMovie?” or “How do I put new video over this sound?”

This allowed Terry and I to answer some questions generically to the class at large, and many more on a one-on-one basis. This in turn allowed each student to work at their own pace. We had ten people editing their movies at 2:30am on Sunday morning! I do believe the gaming cabin had long since retired.

We had a great group of students – Everyone was eager to learn, people helped each other out on their projects, there was a very high level of energy and synergy in the cabin during the entire weekend. Unlike my other two MacCamps, we had a meeting on Friday night to get to know all of the students, get a rough idea as to their level of comfort with iMovie and to spark their creative juices.

I believe the class was a resounding success. I took some footage of the MacCamp students (not just the iMovie cabin) and made a little music video for your enjoyment.

I found a reference to this gem of a collectible on Doombuggies and I love it! It came with ghosts and furniture for $25. I made a little movie for you to see the playset in action! (Haunted Mansion soundtrack added for effect, ┬ęDisney)

I have some truly wonderful friends in my life. In August, Scott and Jeanie flew me down to visit them. On Sunday we went to Disneyland and had an absolutely wonderful time. I love their kids, appreciate their friendship more than they know and made this movie to rememeber the good times we have as people doing our best from day to day.

Having lived in California all of my life, I had never experienced snowing at home. You can imagine my glee when we recevied our first light flurries and then more snow later that evening!

Below are two movies I made, the first being the from the flurries in the afternoon, the second of the resultant snow buildup that evening!

I’ve gotten enough requests for a standalone cut of my YMCA bit from Matt’s Birthday Extravaganza that I’ve […]