Tinkerbell Twist

Disneyland has a new 50th Anniversary drink, the Tinkerbell Twist – A combination of Sour Apple and Sour Watermelon. The drink was $3.75. The video says it all. The video is 18mb. You will need QuickTime 6 in order to watch this movie (Available for Mac and Windows!)

Maccamp Fall 2002

On the weekend of October 19, 2002, the Portland Macintosh Users Group (PMUG) held their 35th annual MacCamp at Silver Falls State Park. I was lucky enough to be able to take part in a new experiment, co-teaching an all weekend class on iMovie with Terry Shellenberger. This was the first time an entire cabin… Continue reading Maccamp Fall 2002

Haunted Mansion Playset 08-2002

I found a reference to this gem of a collectible on Doombuggies and I love it! It came with ghosts and furniture for $25. I made a little movie for you to see the playset in action! (Haunted Mansion soundtrack added for effect, ┬ęDisney)

Snowing on Steve

Having lived in California all of my life, I had never experienced snowing at home. You can imagine my glee when we recevied our first light flurries and then more snow later that evening! Below are two movies I made, the first being the from the flurries in the afternoon, the second of the resultant… Continue reading Snowing on Steve

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I’ve gotten enough requests for a standalone cut of my YMCA bit from Matt’s Birthday Extravaganza that I’ve gone ahead and posted the now infamous YMCA. Watch here, if you dare!

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