Haunted Mansion Playset 08-2002

I found a reference to this gem of a collectible on Doombuggies and I love it! It came with ghosts and furniture for $25. I made a little movie for you to see the playset in action! (Haunted Mansion soundtrack added for effect, ©Disney) Once the movie loads, click the play button to view. (You will need QuickTime™)


  1. Hi There..

    My little boy is desperate for me to by him this ‘Haunted Mansion Playset’ that you have just so kindly shared with us.

    I have contacted ‘Disney’ and they tell me that this set is no longer available to buy.

    Do you know of anywhere else where i can buy this item, if not then do you know of anyone who may be able to help me find this?

    i’d really apreciate your response thank you.



  2. I don’t really know, but you can post on mouseplanet.com and ask there, they have nothing but disney fans, and of course check ebay.

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