Matrix: Reloaded, rebooted, rerendered

If you have not seen Matrix: Reloaded, don’t read this. Boring. Yawn. Special effects were great, but not as awe inspiring as the original.

The fight scenes had little purpose. I don’t even like the original from a story line perspective. I mean, come on, the agents can pop into a truck at any point in time, why not pop into every car on the freeway and block it all off? Oh wait, this is the matrix, Neo can fly, so why spend 10 mins killing 1000 smiths? Oh yeah, we need to make a movie.

Too bad – It could have been much more enjoyable. I’ll still go see the finale, to have closure on the series, but I don’t expect much.

After all, this is the sixth matrix. Lather, rise, repeat.

I am just happy that Neo did not end up under a bus. I’d have walked at that point.