Wow! What a vacuum!

I have a 10 year old Phantom that has worked great for all of these years, but its a little old and it can’t get in small places. The roomba works awesome in picking up dust, hair, etc, but I knew I was missing the deep dirt. So I ordered an ElextroLux EL 7055A”>ElectroLux EL… Continue reading Wow! What a vacuum!

Old Toothbrushes

I’ve used SoniCare and Oral B’s for awhile, both effective and pricey. I’ve also used 99 cent toothbrushes, changing once a month for cleanliness. I used to toss my old toothbrushes away but now I have seen the light. I have nine old toothbrushes under the sink. Don’t use these if you ever visit. Why… Continue reading Old Toothbrushes

Fan Noise

The set has been on for about 5 hours and we can hear the fans now. Am not sure we should be hearing the fans in a 71 degree room after 5 hours of use. Am going to check into it. Its a low to medium hum and it colors the audio from my center… Continue reading Fan Noise

Mitsubishi 57732 Review

Wow. The set arrived on time from Video Only today. The delivery guys were quick, made sure it worked and took off. I immediately adjusted the basic settings to get rid of the sharpness and overbright out of the box settings and it looks incredible, even without ISF calibration. I watched some ESPN and noticed… Continue reading Mitsubishi 57732 Review

Roxio Rebate Scam

Roxio rejected my $20 Toast Titanium rebate for my DOWNLOADED Toast due to “missing upc proof of upgrade” (even tho I had to supply my old serial number). I got a nice little postcard in the mail, so i called the rebate center and the dude looked up my rebate and immediately oked it. What… Continue reading Roxio Rebate Scam

Need Vista? Get a Mac!

On a story titled “Gates: Vista all about the Wow” had running right next to it the video for the Apple Get A Mac “Surgery” ad. I love it.

Benefits of snow

While it sucks eating soup and left overs, I can tell you that I love how quiet my neighborhood is. Not a peep outside, no road noise, nothing. Its amazing how noisy the city is with just background noise – And I live in the burbs! I’m staying in – Watching the video of all… Continue reading Benefits of snow


I woke up to over 2 inches of snow. I guess I won’t be going to the chiropractor today, what a mess, but a beautiful mess! Pictures


Blast from the past – Found P-Nuttles at the store today. I think I used to sell these as a kid for school trips, etc. Its been decades.

TextMate and regular expressions

I’ve been trying to learn regular expressions for years, but never had a good use for them, because the tools that used them were so obscure. Now with TextMate, I have plenty of uses. In the blogging bundle, the preferences format was: Blog Name The regular expression for parsing that was: ^(.+?)\s+(https?:\/\/\.+) I’ll break… Continue reading TextMate and regular expressions