Wow! What a vacuum!

I have a 10 year old Phantom that has worked great for all of these years, but its a little old and it can’t get in small places. The roomba works awesome in picking up dust, hair, etc, but I knew I was missing the deep dirt.

So I ordered an ElextroLux EL 7055A”>ElectroLux EL 7055A from Amazon. I had bought one of these for my mother for xmas and she loves it – Lightweight, great cleaning, self cleaning filters, easy to use.

It arrives yesterday, I put it together in under 5 minutes and vacuum the living room. The powered head takes off and you have to work to pull it back, because it is so strong.

The canister is half full of powered dust. Yes, I had roombaed that morning. The stuff the Electrolux got was exactly what I was looking for – the deep, well ground in stuff. No hair, etc – The Roomba had done its job.

Due to the canister/head design, I can easily use the Electrolux on the stairs. 5 stairs, half canister of dirt. Yuck.

if you need to stand it up, just turn the handle 90 degrees to the left and the hose won’t pull it over. In the middle of a clean and want to use the duster? No problem – press the off button on the handle, detach the handle from the wand/head, attach the duster (its right on the handle) and off you go.

The upholstery tool shed from the first use and the red fabric is falling apart – I will contact the company about a replacement. However it got most of the hair off the couch (little white cat hair) except those stubbornly woven into the fabric.

Now to see how long this little wonder-vac functions, but for now, wow, its nice knowing that an entire grocery bag of fine dust is no longer in this house.

Image of Electrolux EL 7055A