On ZFS for OS X

I want ZFS, I really do.

Sun exec Jonathan Schwartz said “Apple will announce that zfs has become the file system for OS X”

Now every website, blog and news agency has put words in his mouth by saying he announced it would be in Leopard.

Hold on, lets hear what Apple has to say.

First off, there is no way Apple is going to force people to ZFS. Its far too new and young. At best, ZFS will be an option when you format your disk and Apple will provide some sort of compatibility APIs for older applications.

I could imagine some sort of migration assistant that would back up your data, reformat your disk as ZFS and then restore, yes.

However, before ZFS becomes ‘the’ filesystem for OS X, I would think we’d want a little more than 2-3 months to get ready for it, no?

So my prediction is that ZFS is an option in 10.5 and maybe in 10.6 it becomes the de-facto filesystem for OS X.

Until I hear from Apple on Monday, I am not willing to translate Mr. Schwartz’s “OS X” to mean “Leopard”