MacBook Pro is on its way!

I pulled the trigger and ordered a new MacBook Pro, vs a Mac Pro today. The differences will be:

  • Slightly slower hard disk (5400rpm vs 7200rpm)
  • Larger hard disk (160 over 100). I can now store my music and photos internally, and update to a larger/faster drive later.
  • LCD backlit screen – uses less power, more uniform lighting
  • Faster CPU – From 2.1ghz Core Duo to 2.4ghz Core 2 Duo
  • Faster video – The nVidia chipset sounds nice
  • Same RAM, 2gb, more potential. Apple is shippig with 667 RAM, vs the 800 the FSB can support, but has the 800 ram for $539 for 2x2gb. Later I can double the RAM and get better performance to boot (and keep my old ram)
  • 802.11n
  • FW 800 port added

Should be here within a week.


  1. 250 is 17″ only and is too slow anyway. 200gb is only 4200rpm, far too slow (5400 is slow enough) Will wait for a larger/fast drive.

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