Old Toothbrushes

I’ve used SoniCare and Oral B’s for awhile, both effective and pricey. I’ve also used 99 cent toothbrushes, changing once a month for cleanliness.

I used to toss my old toothbrushes away but now I have seen the light.

I have nine old toothbrushes under the sink. Don’t use these if you ever visit.

Why am I keeping my old disposables?

  • Clean the SoniCare – The SoniCare can get gross down inside the base unit. An old toothbrush is the perfect tool for getting in there and cleaning it out.
  • Clean the couch – Did you or your child spill chocolate candy bar on your couch and smoosh it in? No need for chemicals, break out an old toothbrush, wash it, add a little water and the bristles will lift the candy out with a little swirling action.
  • Clean the sink – Ever had that grime build up around the basin where the grout is missing? A toothbrush will pull that out just fine.
  • Clean the faucet! The same goes for the base around the faucet. Or how about those cheap plastic handles with the inserts to hide the mounting screw? The toothbrush will get all of that gunk out.
  • Clean the soap dispenser – Do you have a refillable liquid soap dispenser? Know how the soap dries and gums up around the actuator, under the pump head etc? Again, your friendly neighborhood toothbrush will clean that right up.

Speaking of SoniCare, Kathryn gave me a great tip – Remove the hood from the head and put both the hood and the head (ok that sounds perverted) into the dishwasher. Not only will your SoniCare toothbrush be super clean, it’ll be disinfected by the boiling water. Just don’t put the base unit in the dishwasher 🙂

What are your favorite uses for old toothbrushes?

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  1. They work great for scrubb’in the left over dingleberries off your rear after you wipe.

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