was Dugg!

Since I had gotten some nice comments from random people whom I didn’t know, I decided to post my rebuttal on the iTunes scuttle to

After several hours, there were about 20 diggs. That is what I expected. Elizabeth and I then went out to Gresham to look at the Honda Fit and when I got home, I had many more comments to approve and over 1,000 diggs!

I even got an email from my ISP saying they had blocked my domain because the WordPress PHP was killing the server. Ooops.

I want to say thanks to all for both the comments here and on the article. There are many I agree with, many I don’t and that’s just how it should be.

Thank you all for responding and discussing this delicate issue!


  1. I told you…. posting those naked pictures of yourself in the humor category would get you in trouble…….

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