Roxio Rebate Scam

Roxio rejected my $20 Toast Titanium rebate for my DOWNLOADED Toast due to “missing upc proof of upgrade” (even tho I had to supply my old serial number).

I got a nice little postcard in the mail, so i called the rebate center and the dude looked up my rebate and immediately oked it. What a joke. They just reject them now and hope you never respond.


  1. South west over books…. Roxio rejects all default rebates… and what was it, 20 something million a year in unused gift cards?

    Yah customer service!

  2. I just received the reponse below from eagletech regarding the status of my 100.00 rebate for the Viper case I purchased from the newegg website.

    I was warned from friends that Eagle-Tech has a reputation for not honoring their rebates, and will flat out lie about someone not providing enough information when sending in the rebate form so they would not have to honor it.

    On 7/14/2007 I sent in all of the required information (within the specified 14 day period), exactly as the rebate form indicated, with my newegg receipt, mail-in rebate form, and original UPC. I also made triplicate copies of everything I sent, and sent the letter certified.

    True to form, as you can see below, they stated that I’m missing my sales invoice, in hopes that I will simply give up, and wait another 12 weeks for them to not honor the rebate.

    From: To: Subject: RE: Status of rebate Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 18:51:57 -0800

    Dear Customer:

    We have received your rebate mail on 07/16/07.

    Rebate: Received

    Status: Declined

    Reason: Missing Sales Invoice

    (The mail-in letter is only the “processing page”)

    If you would, I could do you a one time favor by re-submit your rebate to our rebate process center again.

    In order to do that, I need your INVOICE PAGE first. And please understand by re-submit your rebate; the process time takes 12 weeks.

    Here are the instructions of how to get the invoice # from Newegg:

    1. You have to login to your account, by entering your email address and password.
    2. After login, click “Go To My Account.”
    3. Then you click the second option, “Order History/Print History.”
    4. Then you select the invoice number.
    5. Then click on Printer.
    6. After following the steps that will take you into the invoice.

    Thank you,

    Rebate Dept.

    Do not do business with this shady company.

  3. Roxio rebate scams are still in force as of January 2009.

    “Original proof of ownership” was rejected even though they specifically said that a photocopy of the retail box was valid.

    Trying again…

  4. Ditto. Last time they denied mine as well, and I just let it go. This time I am going to make sure I get it. The majority of the rebates I submit get denied and then they ok it when I call them on it… it’s a sad sad fact of life.

    This will be the last time I purchase a product from Roxio… I prefer to do business with reputable companies, not companies that scam as many people as they can. Although I fully understand the rebate company handling their rebates is at fault… they represent Roxio, and this particular representation has cost them my business.

  5. Exactly. Over the years I’ve sent in 3 rebates. All were denied for stupid reasons. Each time I call they ok it. This time it said, it said “Invalid Location” So when I called, I asked what was meant by that? Wrong store, state, country..? They didn’t know, just restated it was invalid becasue of Invalid Location. As soon as I said I was looking at the Rebate Form, they ok’d it!

  6. I got the same response for my Roxio 2009 rebate. Somebody needs to investigate this scam. My friend got the same response also. This is wrong and Roxio won’t accept responsibility since they outsource their rebates. Way to take responsibility Roxio!

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