Mitsubishi 57732 Review

Wow. The set arrived on time from Video Only today. The delivery guys were quick, made sure it worked and took off.

I immediately adjusted the basic settings to get rid of the sharpness and overbright out of the box settings and it looks incredible, even without ISF calibration.

I watched some ESPN and noticed the “ticker tape noise” but its not a big deal.

I played Elebits, Rayman and Madden on the Wii. All look great and I did not notice any game lag. I used the Rayman Dance game as a test of that.

I watched some of The Incredibles with my Samnsung upscaling DVD player and it looks fantastic.

I took some photos and a comparison photo with the old set: Look

More later!

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  1. As the salesman on the other side of the above transaction, I couldn’t be happier to read the ‘geek’ comments. I have been in this biz for over 15 years and cannot say I have encountered many (if any) more knowledgeable customers. To see the positives enables me to sell these with even more confidence. As I do not use tech or info areas to plug sales and respect them for what they are I will leave it at this… it makes me want one!! :) Cheers…

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