Adobe Acrobat Reader Sucks

USC makes me fill out this interactive PDF for expenses. Preview does not handle these, and the damned PDF has 0s in place, so I can’t really edit it unless I buy PDFPen and put blanks over the 0s.

So I download Acrobat Reader. Excuse me, I download the Acrobat Reader Downloader. Install that. That then downloads Acrobat Reader. Install that.

Open this form. It warns me that I cannot save my changes and I must print to paper and file it. So I make my changes, choose Print and using the PDF menu in the print dialog, choose “Save as PDF”

Now to preface, this works in any, any, any OS X application that supports printing.

Until today.

Adobe patched that nice little button and put up a dialog that said “You can’t save this way -> use File menu save”

Of course they had already told me that won’t work.

So John Warnock’s paperless office is forcing me to print to paper. Yes, thats right. I receive an electronic form, fill it out electronically, which updates the subtotals and totals electronically, then to email back I have to print to paper and scan

How ironic.

How crappy.

I’ll just take a screen shot. Thanks, Adobe.

Update: Barry told me to send this to Adobe, so I filed a bug against Reader:

Bug: Adobe Decision Making is flawed.



  1. I agree, adobe reader SUCKS BIG TIME. In fact our whole office has now stopped using the stupid useless program and now sends all documents as simply jpg images! Soon all our partners will be doing the same thing, as they too are sick of all the bullshit “security features” which are just ways to force people into buying their full bag of shit.


  2. I havent tried any of the other PDF Readers, but I can tell you from personal experience that Ghostscript is VERY fast and not a resource hog like Acrobat!!

    (Ghostscript 8.60) Approx 12MB

    (GSView) Approx 1.8MB

    Both programs are required to be installed and GSView is the frontend for Ghostscript. GSView is packed with features so give it a shot, it kicks Acrobat’s ASS! (Well that doesn’t say much though does it hahaha)

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