Adobe Acrobat Reader Sucks

USC makes me fill out this interactive PDF for expenses. Preview does not handle these, and the damned PDF has 0s in place, so I can’t really edit it unless I buy PDFPen and put blanks over the 0s.

So I download Acrobat Reader. Excuse me, I download the Acrobat Reader Downloader. Install that. That then downloads Acrobat Reader. Install that.

Open this form. It warns me that I cannot save my changes and I must print to paper and file it. So I make my changes, choose Print and using the PDF menu in the print dialog, choose “Save as PDF”

Now to preface, this works in any, any, any OS X application that supports printing.

Until today.

Adobe patched that nice little button and put up a dialog that said “You can’t save this way -> use File menu save”

Of course they had already told me that won’t work.

So John Warnock’s paperless office is forcing me to print to paper. Yes, thats right. I receive an electronic form, fill it out electronically, which updates the subtotals and totals electronically, then to email back I have to print to paper and scan

How ironic.

How crappy.

I’ll just take a screen shot. Thanks, Adobe.

Update: Barry told me to send this to Adobe, so I filed a bug against Reader:

Bug: Adobe Decision Making is flawed.