Viva Las Vegas

I drove out to Las Vegas this weekend with Matt and we met his fiance and her family there. We saw George Carlin who was awesome as usual. Matt took a bunch of photos (the dates are wrong) and I posted them at:

Vegas 2003 Photo Album


  1. Ahh…so you visited the Star Trek stuff. Very cool. The last time I was in Vegas was something like January 1996. Stayed at the Sands, spent most of the time in a suite at the Mirage, went to Comdex and accidentally found myself in the Adult Consumer Electronics section. Different is a good word for it. Met a porn star.

    Las Vegas is a different sort of place. Should be on everyone’s must see list.

  2. By the way, saw that you stayed at the Luxor. I visited someone there. Very cool place.

  3. Nice! Did you drive from LA? Or from Portland? Looks like you had a good time though.. (I loved that Star Trek stuff last time I went).

  4. Man… Alan Kay and the Star Trek Experience in one month? You suck. heh I have officially flipped you off in my blog ([jay]Officially![/jay]). hehehe

    (but you know I’m just kidding and merely envious)

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