Busy Sunday

So today started off with some errands. First off to Staples to see what kind of chair mats they had. I have a vinyl one for hardwood floors and it is fine, except for that the chair makles dimples in the mat, so rolling around becomes a problem. This may be because I have it on a carpet and maybe the carpet mats are thicker, but I’d rather find something hard. Matt suggested plexiglass, so I looked at home depot but they only had this ugly, easily scratched blue stuff. So the search continues. Have ideas? Please leave a comment.

Next door was Comp USA. My I have spent a ton there. A 6 foot USB extension for the scanner and one mouse pad later, I was done. Also spoke with the Apple rep there. I want to see if I can get a deal on my G5. Comp USA had these cool, thin, leather like pads, but they caused too much drag. They only had one of the 3M Precision Mousepads (the best and thinnest on the planet) so I picked it up, even though it is of fish.

Next down the street was Home Depot. No mats there, either.

Across the street I went to Meier and Frank, having learned they are the place that sells my cologne. The store I got it at is half way cross town and they didn’t have any of the deodorant, so I checked my local one and wow, they had a lot of Armani. And I got to watch the Blazer girls dance five feet from me. Not sure what they were doing on the second floor of Meier and Franks, but i sure was not complaining. Amazing how 7 super petite women can make the floor of a dept. store undulate. I was glad to get out of there. The clerks looked nervous too – the pens on the counters were actually rolling back and forth.

So with Orange Julius and deodorant in hand, it was off to Home Depot to check out said plexiglass. I also picked up 200 black zip ties and I needed some rock for the bottom of my newly painted pot, and sure enough, I had to buy a river bed. Well not that bad, but I had to get a 3 cubic foot bag to get 4 rocks. Only cost me $2.97, so if you need some pebbles, let me know. I’ll scatter them around the edge of the garden I suppose.

Then it was to Fred Meyer for soda and juice. I didn’t need a second file cabinet as I cut the side out of the clock box and made a top for my wire cabinet to set the scanner on. I’d like to find someone who can custom cut a piece of glass like my desks for the top of it. Julie says I am the “glass king” now, heh. Welcome to my castle, here is the windex – get to work.

I had been noticing that my car beeper was starting to take two presses sometimes and realizing I have not put batteries in it, that made them about 6 years old, so a stop into Radio Shack and $6 later, I have fresh batteries.

Popped across the street to Worst Buy – I dislike them, but hey, they had tons of 3M mouse pads, so I bought two more. $30 of mouse pads, this office is getting expensive heh. But they work so well! I didn’t get the optical pads – nobody had em, but the normal ones work just fine.

I then headed home, put down my mouse pads, installed my USB extension for the scanner, tested it, and now I need to think about food! I still need to solve the mat issue and a couple of others.

Tomorrow is yelling at Netgear, seeing as it looks like their new firmware for the v2 model of the wired router fixes the connection issues. I have v1 of both wired and wireless, and I want a fix, damnit. 🙂

And oh so much fun work to do, am excited!


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