Apple does it again

So Apple released new powerbooks today. Ok so they are a slight speed bump, and oh they contain Bluetooth 2.0 and oh they contain this new trackpad that with two fingers you can scroll around easily, but what is exciting is that they included new patented technology to sense when your powerbook has changed it’s axis or is accelerating and if it is, they park the hard disk before your machine takes a nose dive and scratches your disk, making it unusable.

How sweet is that?


  1. Sweet. I’m glad they adopted this. It’s one of the nicer ideas IBM pioneered (a lot of their other laptop innovations have been pretty lame or poorly implemented).

    I neeeeed a new Powerbook! hehe My combo drive spit out a pad of some sort the other day (still works, though) and my screen has a single blue line on the right-hand side. I’m gonna take it in for Applecare service, but I’m holding off cuz the service is complete crap down here.


  2. I should note, for any finger-pointers, that my Powerbook is about 2.5 years old. It’s served me well (and will continue to do so since I bought Applecare for it).

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