Amazon Unbox – Dead Parcel on Delivery

Amazon’s just released video service is already dead.

Can you hear the nails being pounded into the coffin? Let’s see what is inscribed on the heads of those nails:

  1. Windows Only. No Mac support. No iPod Video support.
  2. Nasty EULA
  3. “PRE-RELEASE SOFTWARE. This software is a pre-release version. It may not work the way a final version of the software will. We may change it for the final, commercial version. We also may not release a commercial version.”
  4. “SUPPORT SERVICES. Because this software is provided “as is,” we may not provide support services for it.”
  5. Recommended Broadband internet connection capable of1.5+ mbps of sustained transfer speeds.
  6. The Service allows you to (i) pay a fee to view Digital Content for a limited specified period of time (“Rental Digital Content”), and (ii) pay a fee to view Digital Content a repeated number of times (“Purchased Digital Content”). As used herein, (i) “Residence” shall mean a private, residential dwelling unit or a private individual office unit, but excluding hotel rooms, motel rooms, hospital patient rooms, restaurants, bars, prisons, barracks, drilling rigs and all other structures, institutions or places of transient or work-related residence as well as places, areas, structures, rooms or offices which are common areas or open to the public or to occupiers of separate Residences or for which an admission fee is charged;
  7. Software Upgrades. The Software automatically checks for upgrades, but the Software will not automatically upgrade without your consent, except as provided herein. If you do not consent to an upgrade that we make subject to your consent, the Digital Content may no longer be viewed on your Authorized Device. You must keep the Software on your Authorized Device current in order to continue to use the Service. We may automatically upgrade the Software when we believe such upgrade is appropriate to comply with law, enforce this Agreement, or protect the rights, safety or property of Amazon, our content providers, users, or others.

I can hear iTunes chuckling.

(Thanks to John for the EULA excerpts)

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