Calling Apple to task

Over at the get a mac page is a wonderful new “Security” ad discussing Vista’s over zealous firewall.

On the same page is this text:

  1. No upgrade nightmares. Before you can even think about Vista, you’ll likely need a new PC. Or upgrades for memory, hard disk, and graphics card. Why go through all that hassle, when you can just get a Mac?

Well, I for one have experienced upgrade nightmares on OS X. Such as:

  • Installation does not upgrade every component, leaving broken apps
  • Upgrading from Panther to Tiger left cache crud in my user library folder causing all sorts of grief
  • Failure to reboot after a system update upgrade

I have personally found that in order to have a good upgrade experience, I must:

  • Run Alsoft’s $100 DiskWarrior 4 prior to installation
  • Download a “combo” updater if available
  • Quit all applications manually, including background applications
  • Run the combo updater
  • Reboot immediately after installation

Because OS X does not force you to quit your applications, or check the disk first, I feel it leaves a lot of room for improvement in this regard.

Sure, OS X upgrades probably go much smoother than Windows upgrades, but to claim “No upgrade nightmares” is simply false.