BetterHTMLExport 2.3 brings iPhoto 7 (iLife ’08) compatibility

I am happy to announce the availability of BetterHTMLExport 2.3!

Now that Apple fully supports iPhoto plugins, I was able to clean up a number of little issues as well as add compatibility with iPhoto 7.

Due to these changes, BetterHTMLExport 2.3 only works with iPhoto 7. Older versions of BetterHTMLExport continue to work with their respective versions of iPhoto.

The BetterHTMLExport Tool suffered too many changes to remain compatibile at this time so it has been removed from the package. The BetterHTMLExport Tool remains compatible with older versions of iPhoto.

You can find BetterHTMLExport 2.3 at the BetterHTMLExport Home Page

Changes include:

  1. Compatible with iPhoto 7.0 (iLife ’08) only
  2. BetterHTMLExport is now installed into /Library/Application Support/iPhoto/PlugIns/
  3. The BetterHTMLExport installer now deletes older copies of BetterHTMLExport that are installed inside of iPhoto
  4. Catch divide by zero errors and cancel export with error message
  5. Previous EXIF information is fully exported
  6. BetterHTMLExport Tool removed from distribution due to incompatibilities with iPhoto 07 (iLife ’08)
  7. Compete rewrite of IPTC extraction. More image formats supported.
  8. Now load IPTC from original photo. If there is a modified photo available, we merge in the IPTC from that image.
  9. Fixed crash when an extra settings item had no value.
  10. Changed how the iPhoto Plugin finds an images IPTC data.
  11. Changed the installer to check for iPhoto 7 or later
  12. Fixed a bug extracting the photo name
  13. “archived date” and “modified date” variables are no longer supported by iPhoto and thus this data is no longer exported

BetterHTMLExport 2.3 is a free upgrade for registered users of BetterHTMLExport 2