BetterHTMLExport 2.3.2

I have shipped the latest maintenance release of BetterHTMLExport, version 2.3.2! Included in the changes are: Added “Replace Existing Files” option – Uncheck this and BetterHTMLExport will abort instead of replacing existing files Fix for only exporting to the first directory chosen Fix for reading ISO from images Changed tab to “BetterHTMLExport” Fix for crash… Continue reading BetterHTMLExport 2.3.2

BetterHTMLExport 2.3 is Leopard ready!

For those of you considering Leopard and using iPhoto 7 (iLife ’08), BetterHTMLExport 2.3 has been tested and qualified for the new cat. For older versions of BetterHTMLExport, that require older versions of iPhoto, I would suggest upgrading to iPhoto 7 because it is designed to work with Leopard and Time Machine, not to mention… Continue reading BetterHTMLExport 2.3 is Leopard ready!

BetterHTMLExport 2.3.1 ships, fixes several small bugs

You can find BetterHTMLExport 2.3.1 at the BetterHTMLExport Home Page Changes include: Properly cancels exporting if you encounter an error Pressing cancel on a directory exists dialog will no longer insist on exporting to the original directory BetterHTMLExport 2.3.1 is a free upgrade for registered users of BetterHTMLExport 2

BetterHTMLExport 2.3 brings iPhoto 7 (iLife ’08) compatibility

I am happy to announce the availability of BetterHTMLExport 2.3! Now that Apple fully supports iPhoto plugins, I was able to clean up a number of little issues as well as add compatibility with iPhoto 7. Due to these changes, BetterHTMLExport 2.3 only works with iPhoto 7. Older versions of BetterHTMLExport continue to work with… Continue reading BetterHTMLExport 2.3 brings iPhoto 7 (iLife ’08) compatibility

Template Manager 1.1.8 ships!

I’ve shipped 1.1.8 of BetterHTMLExport’s Template Manager. New this version: Fix for templates exploding into main template directory, and thus overwriting bits of other templates. This happened on multiple processor machines. Fix for crash while packaging templates Universal Binary for PPC and Intel Macintosh computers Template Manager

BetterHTMLExport Universal 2.2 Ships!

June 1, 2006 – Geeks R Us has shipped version 2.2 of BetterHTMLExport, a popular plugin for iPhoto 5 or iPhoto 6. This new version represents the first version from Geeks R Us and brings Universal support for both PPC and Intel Macintosh computers. BetterHTMLExport 2.2 can be downloaded from the BetterHTMLExport Downloads page.