Save 10% on Toast Titanium 8 – Let the Shopping Begin!

Roxio has shipped Toast Titanium 8! It supports dvd disc spanning, TiVo To Go, Blu-Ray and a whole other lot of features.

Here is a tip! Use FireFox to place your order. When you get to the screen listing Toast for $99, and the mail in coupon (the first invoice screen) just wait. be patient After about 30 seconds Digital River will pop up a “Buy now and save an additional 10%” window. Crazy I know.

Also, yes, even tho I bought online, and am downloading Toast 8 now, I have to mail in this stupid $20 rebate.

Digital River sucks.

Update: This might be the last update from Roxio. They still don’t have my registration email (which I used at digital river to purchase) and to submit feedback, they required me to log in, which doesn’t work, and no registration button.

To get my discount, I had to print out 5 pieces of paper, two labels, use an envelope and two stamps. And fill out a tiny form because their mail in rebate PDF is screwed up.

Not very impressive if you ask me.