Finally! Geeks R Us podcast is submitted

If you’re getting the “We’re having technical difficulties” error while submitting your podcast rss feed to the iTunes music store, don’t you believe it! It is your XML. I use Movable Type to generate my page and it had a bunch of extra namespaces, improper dates, etc that iTunes did not like. I stripped my… Continue reading Finally! Geeks R Us podcast is submitted

new iPods

Apple has introduced new iPod minis and lowered prices. Nice! I like the blue mini myself.

Apple does it again

So Apple released new powerbooks today. Ok so they are a slight speed bump, and oh they contain Bluetooth 2.0 and oh they contain this new trackpad that with two fingers you can scroll around easily, but what is exciting is that they included new patented technology to sense when your powerbook has changed it’s… Continue reading Apple does it again

Lame Best Buy story

This story is an example of a moron given a salesperson’s job. If he was around here I’d give him a tongue lashing or two! Simply put, use your brain people, don’t trust these morons!