Presenting Lion

I will be giving a class on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion at MacCamp this fall.  We are going to have three classes on Lion, and should be covering iOS 5 and iCloud. If you are in the Oregon/Washington area and are looking for an excuse to spend a couple of days in the beautiful… Continue reading Presenting Lion

Getting Ready for Lion

Mac OS X Lion (10.7) is going to be released soon.  Are you ready?  If not, I suggest you wait for 10.7.1 to be released.  Let others find the bugs and issues.  In the meantime, make a list of your printers and other peripherals, then research their Lion compatibility before upgrading. Another great resource to… Continue reading Getting Ready for Lion

Caution and Warning free for Christmas Day

Caution and Warning gives you a bright, flashing warning sign that you can use while stranded to get attention or make sure people see you in an otherwise dark, dangerous scenario. Caution and Warning for the iPhone is free today only!  Get your copy now!

Can Adobe get worse? Yes! Photoshop Elements Downloader hell

I head to to check out Photoshop Elements 8. They have a trial version so I give it a shot. First, a browser window pops up asking you to log in to I complete that. Then it says it will download an Akamai Downloader. The Akamai Downloader downloads and mounts the disk image.… Continue reading Can Adobe get worse? Yes! Photoshop Elements Downloader hell

Sharing iTunes content

Elizabeth and I have verified that you can share iBooks across itunes accounts. Here is how it works: You need to authorize the two computers you sync your iDevices with to each other’s account. In other words, my machine is authorized for her iTunes account, her machine is authorized for mine. You do this via… Continue reading Sharing iTunes content

No More iTunes

Cool Safari 5 extension that stops safari from auto launching itunes when you click on itunes links. You just get the web page, and you can launch itunes yourself if you want. Link

I hate Flash video

I don’t hate Flash video because Steve Jobs hates Flash video. I hate Flash video for real reasons, such as: Spending 35 minutes trying to watch Chuck on I tried three browsers. They all stalled or skipped. Every time I changed an option, it would run the damned Marriott ad again. I saw it… Continue reading I hate Flash video

Apple needs to fix the app approval process, once and for all

I’m a developer. I have one fun app in the app store, iMoo. I’ll have more. I am also someone who needs to feed my family and pay the mortgage. Read day to day problems. When one decides to take a risk and develop software, the normal model, say for a Mac or Windows application,… Continue reading Apple needs to fix the app approval process, once and for all

My Predictions for the iPad

Apple won’t call it a tablet It’ll be around $999 with 64GB Apple will discontinue the MacBook Air We’ll see a new publishing tool for creating content that goes directly for sale in the iTunes Media Store We’ll get a new iLife (maybe the aforementioned publishing tool will be part of iLife) The iPad will… Continue reading My Predictions for the iPad

Apple in talks to switch to Bing?

Hmm. Many rumors about this. Any truth? Who knows. I decided to take another look at bing. Searches ok. Maps don’t scroll well with two fingers on trackpad at all. Maps use Silverlight, vs. standards. That sucks. Decided to look up local pizza places. Clicked on the map. Got: Awesome.

Pre: 2, Apple: 1

Palm has once again hacked iTunes support into it’s webOS 1.1 update. How long will it take before Apple releases iTunes 8.0.2?